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Healthy trees add to the beauty of any property. We believe tree trimming is the first step towards extending your trees’ healthy lifespan. There are numerous reasons for tree trimming.
Some reasons are:

  • removal of unhealthy & dead branches (targeted pruning)
  • removing branches that may threaten your home or other valuable assets
  • raising limb canopy height for increased sunlight

That Girl Tree Trimming Service offers multiple forms of tree trimming. Many trees can be trimmed by using our bucket truck. In other circumstances, we may need to climb your tree using a rope.


Our rates are very competitive and our tree trimming experience makes us the best company for all your tree service needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.


We DO NOT use climbing spikes on your tree during the tree trimming service, as it could lead to the health decline of your tree.

tree trimming st. Augustine Florida

Because We Care

We are passionate about trees and our crew is ready to take on any tree service related project you have, residential or commercial, we do both. At That Girl Tree Service we always aim to provide a professional & quick turnaround, with a focus on a prompt response time and quality service.

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Trees that are not properly trimmed


Look more like bushes instead of  beautiful trees. Bottom branches need to be trimmed to remove the dead or unsightly branches,  diseased limbs could spread to the other parts of the tree.


Trimming healthy branches is critical to helping trees have a better shape.


Trees hanging over a driveway or over your home can cause many problems. A unhealthy limb may fall off and cause harm to your roof or may wear down the roofs’ health because of the  movement caused by constant wind.


Make tree trimming a part of your lawn care maintenance.


Trees does not have to be done too frequently as tree growth is usually a slow process. But without implementing a seasonal schedule for tree trimming may cause damage to the tree. It is always best to have your tree trimmed by an experienced trimmer.


 Let Us Handle It


Getting our professional tree trimming service offers great convenience to many property owners. Call us today for a free estimate.


Prevent damage from happening to your landscape by regularly trimming your trees.  Get an experienced tree trimming service like That Girl Tree Service. Let us eliminate damaged branches,limbs that are too low and heavy which can be dangerous to you or your property.